– Barclay (Universal) : #116BPM Montmartre ‘Right place, Right time’ (feat. Linney) (remix house)

Etienne Daho ‘le phare’ (remix de Keefus Ciancia/Unloved) (tiré de l’édition Deluxe de l’album ‘Tirer la nuit sur les étoiles’ à sortir le 08.12. Avec les 12 titres + 16 titres supplémentaires dont 4 inedits)

– Can’t Stop Productions (Scorpio music) : ZackflyBla bla bla‘,

MiklOn a changé‘,

King Serenity feat. JahynaiaBam bam (ma jolie)

– Columbia (Sony music) : Jain ‘Cosmic Love’ (nouveau single),

Calvin Harris & Sam Smith ‘Desire‘,

Purple Disco Machine/Duke ‘Something on my mind

– Elaste (Compost/All.) : Some More CrimesSex is not right EP‘ (12 », 6 titres, atmospheric broken garage house)

– Envogue records : Brice FrançoisLost in love

– Exx Muzik : Airsand & TuriQana ‘Hit & run’ (melodic house),

Airsand/Gassan ‘Don’t wake up‘ (Indie dance),

Anatolie/Adriana Hamilton ‘Stay forever’ (melodic house)

– Exx Underground : WhoriskeyRun‘ (melodic techno/progressive house)

– Glitterbox recordings : Riva Starr ‘How it feels’

– Happy Music : Richard Grey & Mark James ‘Gravity’ (electro-house), remixes de Black &Crown, Peewee Ferris,  Alexander Technique, 

Benji de la House & Frank Degrees ‘Mi cha cha cha’ (techouse 90’s),

Tr3nacia & Stereokilla ‘La foule’ (le trio sicilien reprend facon techouse le titre d’Edith Piaf).

– Hollystone records : Vakabular ‘Shankara’ (Indie dance + afro-house),

Dimitri Mechero ‘Looking for space’ (Indie dance)

– Island Def Jam (Universal) : James Hype feat. Kim Petras ‘Drums’,

Feid feat. Rema ‘Bubalu’…

– Kompakt (Profan) : Wolf Gang Voigt/various artists ‘Earquake 1998’ (2 LP) – Pop Ambient 2024

– Luxury Night : DJ Rauff ‘Oh Bale bale’ (EP 4 titres) (G-house/midtechno) (promo Ultima), 

DJ Rauff & Tomas Black ‘Abonent’ (G-house/ghetto house),

X-Tropic ‘No-more’ (techouse).

– Ministry of Sound : Casso & Raye & D-Block Europe ‘Prada’,

Eliza Rose & Calvin Harris ‘Boding moving’

– Molto recordings (italie) : Andrea Belli & Dave Roy ‘Toque Toque’

– New Music Group (italie) : Name 51 feat. Tate Nsongan ‘Yeke Yeke’,

Joseph Sinatra feat. Gloria Gaynor ‘Reach out I’ll be there’

– One records (Universal) : Kali Uchis x Karol G ‘Labios morbidos’ (top reggaeton ! ),

Boygenius feat. Ye Vagabonds ‘The Party Glass’,

Loreen ‘Is it love’/’Tattoo’ – Jung Kook ‘Golden’ (le 1er album cartonné autant en France qu’au Japon, Corée du Sud, Etats-unis et Angleterre.

– Parlophone : David Guetta & Kim Petras ‘When We were young’

– PIAS :  Acid Arab & Ghizlane Melih ‘Habaytak’ (remixe par R3HAB façon techno orientale),

Anna of the North ‘Swirl’ (remix du producteur Allemand Roosevelt (la super voix d’Anna sur fond d’electro-dancefunky),

Tin Licker feat. Tom Smith ‘This life’ (electro from Holland),

Working Men’s club ‘Widow’ (Heavenly) (Gabe Gurnsey remix – electro/acid-house), 

Decades ‘Get so high’ (Slow supermarket) (nouveau single du duo Londonien – deep house aux accents synthes lo-fi), 

Rose Gray & Kungs ‘Afraid of Nothing’ (pop-house),

Madism & Ryum ‘Home’ (le DJ-producteur est de retour avec ‘Home’, deep-house entraînante pour prolonger l’été),

Mykki Blanco ‘Postcards from Italia EP'(Transgressive) (ode à la pop et au R&B 80’s),

Dom Valentino ‘Young Folks, (feat. Alfie Tempkeman & Anna of the North) (Different recordings)(jungle’90’s/drum’n’bass),

Baxter Dury ‘I Thoughts I was Better thank you EP’ (Maximum Security remixes) (Heavenly recordings) (Electro indie-dance/deep house),

Crystal Fighters ‘Light+’ (instruments basques traditionnels et electro),

Tinlicker ‘Slipstream’ (duo de DJs, melodic house).

– Polydor (Universal) : Black Eyed Peas ‘Guarantee’,

Black Pink ‘The Girls’,

Yungblud ‘Hated’,

Renée Rapp ‘Snow Angel’ (1er album)
– RCA (Sony music) :  Lacrim ‘En attendant Corleone EP’,

Seth Sad ‘Luxure’ (urban), 1da Banton ‘GBadun’, 

Ozuna & David Guetta ‘Vocation’ (extrait de l’album ‘Cosmo’) (latino/reggaeton), 

Chris Brown feat. Davido & Lo Jay ‘Sensational’ (superbe titre Urban Latino)…

– Reckoning records : Hasan Ghazi ‘Oxygen 49’ (EP 3 titres) (Progressive house), 

Tiefer ‘Night Fall’ (progressive house), 

SQLN ‘Deep Space’ (melodic house & techno), 

States Trigger ‘Aura’ (melodic house & techno).

– Serial records : Roxie & Ted Azeria ‘Very High’ (techouse)

Sounds of Meow : Artis Gato ‘Welcome to awakening’ (progressive house),

Katoff ‘Dream of sky’ (Dave Moyle/Focus FL remixes) (melodic house/progressive trance),

TJ Lawton ‘Treachery’ (techno progressive),

Deneem ‘Gravity’ (progressive house).

– Soulrise records : Thomas Seels feat. Michelle Weeks ‘So good’, 

Franck Savannah & Spaneo feat. Melvin Travis ‘We are People’ (remix Joe Mangione)

– Twin Girls records : Basslucy/Midnight Wanders ‘One More Night’, 

Mike D’Jais ‘All I can give’,

Idin Gorji ‘The Mars

– Virgin Music : Quintino/Afrojack ‘The beach’, 

Take That ‘Windows’,

Asdek ‘Idgaf‘,

Tom Odell ‘Black friday’,

Steven Wilson ‘Economies of squale’ (Manic Streets Preachers remix),

Montel Fish ‘I Just Wanna Feel Your love again‘,

The Chemical Brothers + Beck ‘Skipping like a stone’,

Humble The Great ‘Dreams,

Voodoo Meluk ‘Club forever »…

– VK Underground : Rwbel ‘Lluvia EP’ (techno raw/deep/hypnotic)

– Warner music : Karan Aujla ‘Softly’ (remix de Tiesto), 

Gabry Ponte ‘Easy on my heart’, 

David Guetta with Ayna Starr & Lil Durk ‘Big fu’,  

Robin Schutz feat. Rita Ora & Tiago PZK ‘I’ll be there’ (electro-pop 80’s).

– Wea : Trinix ‘Emorio’,

R3Hab x Inna x Sash! ‘Rock my body’

■ News Universal

Kungs & Victor Flash ‘Yoy can have it’

Electro dance :

John Summit/Mathame with Camden Fox ‘Hungover’,

Sera feat. Younotus ‘I can’t be the Only one’,

Twocolors ‘Over you’,

Riovaz, Gore EP’,

Felix Jaehn ‘Still fall’, 

R3HAB feat. Pelican ‘Loca loca’,

Quintino ‘The beach’ (Afrojack edit), 

Nicky Romero feat. Chelcee Grimes ‘Sensation’…

Pop :

John Legend ‘Don’t need to sleep’,

Renée Rapp with Mean The Stallion ‘Not my fault’,

Naive New Beaters ‘The sun’,   

Lana del Rey ‘Take me home, country roads’,

Xavier Rudd ‘High times’,

Trevor Horn ‘Echoes – ancient and modern’ (album),

Ashley Kutcher ‘Trustfall’, 

Kalis Uchis feat. Karol G ‘La bois morbidos’,

Jacob Collier feat. Shaw Mendes/Stormzy/Kiro Franklin ‘Witness me’…

Pop fr : 

Etienne Daho ‘Noël avec toi’,

Dalida ‘Vive le vent’ (nouvelle orchestration),

Mika ‘Jane Birkin’

Pop urban :

Soolking/Milan ‘Casanova’ (remix),

Franglish feat. Dystinct ‘Ça c’est bien’

K-Pop :

Jungle Kook (bts) ‘Golden’ (album),

Stray Kids ‘Rock-star’ (album)

Rap :

Timbaland feat. Vita ‘Desire’,

2 Chainz feat. Lil Wayne ‘Long story short’,

Armani White ‘Breathle’,

070 Shake feat. Ken Carson ‘Natural habitat’,

Luciano feat. Morad ‘Familia’,

Kid Cudi feat. Travis Scott & Phare Williams ‘At the partu’.

Rap fr :

Timal feat. Zed ‘Sur ecoute’,

Gazy MP ‘Mechant’,

Roshi x Amine Farsi ‘Night Ride EP’, 

Timal ‘la16’, 

Kaaris ‘Mobalpa’,

Booba ‘Sport Billy’…

Afropop : Jugeli feat. Dystinct ‘Rashell’ Vacra ‘Xoxo’, JayO ‘Often’, Omah Lay ‘Holy ghost’

Indie & Alternative :

Lewis Ofman feat. Camille Jensens ‘Hey Lou’,

Riovaz ‘Crying at the orgy’,

Giants Roots ‘Coldplay wars’, 

Boygenius ‘The Rest EP’

Rock :

Bon Jovi ‘Christmas isn’t Christmas’, 

Demi Lovato ‘Revamped’ (album),

Imagine Dragons ‘Children of the sky’,

Peter Gabriel ‘Love Can heal’ (Bright side mix),

Steven Wilson ‘Economies of scales’

Nouveaux talents :

Tony AnnAwakening EP‘,

STO feat. Tweny8 ‘Spinter cell’,

Slow ‘Prince Nassim’, 

Baloji ‘Augure EP’,

Listen on Apple Music

Bamby ‘Chupa chups‘,

i300 ‘Call of’, 

Lazuli x Angie ‘Angilinazuli EP’,

Caesaria ‘Empty Club’, Mimaa ‘Soleil EP’, 

Neven feat. SoolkingPromesse‘,

Tony Ann ‘Emotionally Red EP’,

2th ‘Focus’,

Delka ‘Fin du show’

■ New Prods (promo)
– Abdul & The Gang ‘Psychoulog’ (Inouïe distribution) funk gnawa (Promo : Iwelcom)

– Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ‘Thank you’ (Smash The House)

– Hooverphonic ‘And then I Found you’ (entre trip-hop et house 90’s) (Promo : Ephelide)

– Jack de Marseille ‘The Positive EP’ (‘la danse des mots’ + ’10 years’)

– Nai-Jah ‘Against all odds’ (Promo : iwelcom)

– Naya Rockers/Ivan Neville ‘Higher Education’ (Robach music) reggae/dub (Promo : Iwelcom)

– No Money Kids ‘Motel way of life’ (electrobluesy) (Promo : Ephelide)

– Saint Honoré  & Pamplemousse ‘Je dois m’en aller 2023’ (Promo : Music Media Consulting)

– Talisco ‘Sorry’ (electro-pop) (Promo : Nicolas Bideau)

– Tiesto vs Da Hool ‘Meet her’ (Nitron music)

– Timemachine1985 ‘A Thousand Miles’ (feat. Beea)

– Youn Sun Nah reprise de ‘Libertango’ (Grace Jones) (extrait de l’album ‘Elles’ à sortir le 26.01) (Promo : Sébastien Belloir)

– Zorneus & Breaker ‘Fly’ (le 16.02)


– Music Media Consulting : Anton Wick ‘Reload’,

Saint-Honoré  ‘Voyage, voyage’, 

3Face & Cee ‘Scrolling’,

Afro Moombattack & Vanny Jordan feat. Gwadadas ‘I like it like that’,

Azka ‘Disturbia’,

DJ Mimi & Les Royas & Marshall ‘la folie’,

DJ LBR/Nappy Paco ‘Dance for me’,

Sceya feat. Sandra ‘Dernière soirée’,

Kenzy Dona ‘Mapl Pa’,

Neiro feat. Braveboy ‘Hot Gyal’,

S Night B ‘Born to be alive’ (official remix).

– New-York Entertainment : Tkay Maidza ‘Sweat Justice’ (nouvel album) + single ‘Out of luck’ feat. Lolo Zouai & Amber Mark),

Jewel Usain x Prince Waly ‘Eleanor’,

Negrito & Franglish,

Usher ‘Coming Home’ (nouvel album le 11.02.2024)

– Prote’in : Warren Permal ‘Zolifam’, Montmartre x Linney ‘Right place, right time’,

James Hype fzat. Kim Petras ‘Drums’,

Avalonrokstar ‘Why does my heart feel so bad’,

Feid ‘Bubalu’ (remix), 

J Balvin/Usher & DJ Khaled ‘Dientes’ (remix)…

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