We’re talking about #IWAM in India, Chennai

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As you know, for a few weeks, when we prefer to talk only about his music, we decided to talk to you about @Fred_RISTER. For his fight, he needs the millions of people in the world who love music.

For Fred, MUSIC has always been a driving force. He would like her to participate in the fight against cancer. If everyone bought Fred’s single called « I want a miracle », since ALL RIGHTS generated will go directly to @KidneyCancer, big ways would help cancer research. And cancer, Fred is really not his friend. (suite…)

Faites comme lui, achetez le tube de Fred RISTER pour combattre le cancer

On vient de recevoir une nouvelle preuve que Fred Rister a fait un tube génial et que de nombreuses personnes sont en train d’acquérir son single. D’autres le téléchargent mais de toute façon nous devons tous remercier Fred car il pense beaucoup aux autres. Voici la confirmation d’achat que m’a adressé André R. (suite…)

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